Many thanks for your time consulting our web page. Since 1991 REDHILL supplies precise balls made in different materials, including nonstandard diameters. Our assortment includes bearing chrome steel balls , tungsten carbide balls, stainless steel balls, ceramic balls, ruby and sapphire balls, brass and bronze balls, tool steel balls, balls made in special alloys, plastic and glass balls, polishing and grinding media, cylindrical rollers and needles, hybrid bearings and valve balls.

Stainless Steel Balls, ruby balls, plastic balls, brass balls
Tungsten Carbide  and Titanium Carbide balls
Chrome Steel balls
Glass Balls and Saphire balls
Ceramic balls Si3N4, ZrO2, Al2O3
Transferable units
Plastic Balls
Brass and Bronze Balls
Cylindrical rollers and needles
Milling and polishing media