Aluminium Oxide Balls Al2O3 99,5%

Aluminium Oxide Balls Al2O3 99,5%
Diameter range: 0,5 mm – 80 mm
Grades: ISO 3290 G10- G100

Standard 99.5% alumina oxide ceramic balls have proven performance in wear, heat and corrosive environments as well as in maintaining dimensional stability at temperatures up to 2000 F. Alumina resists oxidation and is tolerant to water, salt solutions, and many chemicals and acids

Hardness according to Vickers: < 1500 (HV10)
Temperature resistance: < 1.900°C
Density: 3.860 g/cm³

Material Analysis

Material Analysis
Property/Material Aluminum Oxide
Chemistry (wt%) 99.5% Al2O3
0.5% Other
Transverse RuptureStrength (kN/mm2) 0.26
Ultimate CompressiveStrength (kN/mm2) 2,4
Ultimate TensilStrength (kN/mm2) 0,025
Modulus ofElasticity (kN/mm2) 350
Fracture Toughness(K1c)MPa/m 13,5

*Alumina Oxide is specified as grade C10 and C24 which is equal to grade 10 and 24 except surface finish is less than or equal to 3 Ra.

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