About us

REDHILL PRECISION SPECIALTY BALLS stands for precision balls that satisfy the most stringent demands, as well as for customer-oriented service from A to Z. Reliable adherence to delivery dates through precisely planned inventories and agreed safety stocks are the uppermost commandments for REDHILL.

The company, under the leadership of Karel Masek supplies balls to renowned worldwide customers, who have counted on the high-tech products from Prague for many years now. Apart from providing balls, we also supply a wide range of products such as needle rollers, cylindrical rollers, valve balls and hybrid bearings.

This new edition of our web site comes at a moment of exciting new developments, and testifies to the determination of REDHILL to keep pace with fast moving markets and technologies. In this business context, REDHILL looks to the future with pragmatic optimism, drawing on over 25 years of experience in the fields of work, research and customer service.

Technical and commercial problems arising from globalisation and the ever increasing aggressiveness of competitors around the world are yet another reason to do our best. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for consulting our web site, which we are confident not only reflects our professionalism but also the quality of our products.


REDHILL PRECISION SPECIALTY BALLS was founded in 1991 in Prague, Czech Republic.

REDHILL PRECISION BALLS Inc. was founded in 2016 in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA in order to get closer to North America customers and especially to enable customers to use payment methods they like to use like checks and credit cards.

Thanks to our extensive experience, our qualified and dedicated employees and the implementation of systematic quality management, we are able to ensure consistently high product quality while focusing on the protection of the environment and the safety of our employees as essential components of our company policy.

Customer orientation

We strive to build long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers, which are based on mutual trust. We pursue a zero defects policy in order to be listed as an A class supplier with all our customers. We count on the high quality of our products to ensure long-term relationships with our customers.

Employee orientation

We guarantee a safe and healthy working environment for our employees. We continuously improve our employees’ working conditions and invest in sustainable jobs. In dedicated training courses, our employees learn how to work in a safe, quality conscious and environmentally conscious manner.

Continuous improvement process

We are continuously improving our processes and products.

Environment and safety

We are aware of our responsibilities with regard to safety, health and the environment. We have these responsibilities towards our employees as well as towards the general public. We strictly adhere to statutory and company requirements to prevent personal injury, material damage and pollution. We endeavour to prevent accidents, occupational illnesses and work-related health hazards. We try to use natural resources like raw material, energy, water and commodities as economically as possible.

Quality Assurance

After precision washing, oiling & before packing sample balls from the batch are sent for final audit to check for surface roughness, roundness, waviness, lot size variation and hardness in a sophisticated laboratory, according to specified control plans and dock audit procedures. Once all requirements are met, a test certificate is then prepared for the customer. Our sophisticated laboratory is equipped with high precision, worldwide respected machines and equipment and is managed by properly trained and qualified personnel.