Carbide Balls

REDHILL supplies Tungsten Carbide balls, whose main characteristic is the very high hardness with consequent remarkable resistance to abrasion, tungsten carbide balls are normally used in special applications such as

BALL SIZING: where precision tungsten carbide balls provide fast, economical and accurate hole finishing method when used in ball sizing of any industry. Tungsten carbide balls may provide improved hole finishes and tolerances.

GAUGES: With its infinitive number of diameters or measuring points, tungsten carbide balls provide economical, true and most indefinitely useful gauge.

VALVES: The excellent wear and abrasion resistant properties of tungsten carbide balls are ideal for almost any valve application. For years the petroleum industry has relied on A.P.I. tungsten carbide balls for use in valves handling highly corrosive sulphur and sand-bearing crude oils.