Borosilicate Glass Balls

Borosilicate Glass Balls
Borosilicate Glass Balls

Also called Pyrex and Schott glass, this glass resists clouding and pitting and is highly chemical and heat resistant. With a low rate of thermal expansion, borosilicate glass balls stay dimensionally stable during changes in temperature. Borosilicate glass balls will stand high thermal shock, can mechanically give continual service at 450°F with extreme temperature limit at 900°F. Borosilicate glass balls have very high electrical resistivity and dielectric strength, high chemical stability, and will withstand high applied torque loads. Borosilicate glass balls are ideal choice for use in check valves, flow meters, low speed bearings, liquid applicators and a variety of other applications.

Diameter range: 2,0 mm – 100 mm
Grades: I – III
Hardness (KNOOP-KHN): 418
Melting point: 820°C
Density: 2,230g/cm³

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