Teflon Balls (PTFE)

Teflon Balls (PTFE)
Teflon Balls (PTFE)

PTFE – Teflon balls offer a nonstick, slippery surface. PTFE – Teflon balls surpasses most plastics when it comes to chemical resistance and performance in extreme temperatures. PTFE – Teflon balls are often used as bearings and in ball valves. PTFE – Teflon balls are also excellent electrical insulators

Trade names: Hostalen, Lupolen, Vestolen, Alathon, Stamylan
Diameter range: 1,588 mm – 200,000 mm
Grades: I – III
Shore-Hardness: 55-59 (D)
Density: 2,150 g/cm³
Temperature resistance: -200°C – 260°C
Colours: upon request

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