Tungsten Carbide Balls (Ni)

Tungsten Carbide Balls (Ni)
Tungsten Carbide Balls (Ni)
Diameter range: 0,3 mm – 100 mm
Grades: ISO 3290 G5-G100
Hardness: 88-91 (HRa)
Density: 14,600 g/cm³

Higher wear resistance and toughness make this an excellent general purpose grade for use in pumps and valves.

Material Analysis

Property/Material C-2
Chemistry (wt%) 91% Wc
9% Ni
Transverse RuptureStrength (kN/mm2) 1.6
Ultimate Compressive Strength (kN/mm2) 5.9
Ultimate Tensil Strength (kN/mm2) 1.6
Modulus of Elasticity (kN/mm2) 645


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