Nylon, Polyamide Balls

Nylon, Polyamide Balls
Nylon, Polyamide Balls

PA6, PA66, PA610 PA11, PA12

Nylon balls are insoluble in common solvents, alkalies, dilute mineral acids and most organic acids. Nylon balls are used in bearings and in sealing applications. Nylon balls have a slippery surface that reduces wear caused by friction. Performance properties of Nylon balls: electrical insulator, high strength, low thermal expansion, slippery, wear resistant-

Trade names: Durethan, Trogamid T, Ultramid, Vestamid, Rilsan, Stanyl
Diameter range: 1,588 mm – 304,8 mm
Grades: I – III
Shore-Hardness: 80 (D)
Density: 1,130 g/cm³
Temperature resistance: 100 °C – 150 °C
Colours: upon request

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