Polypropylene Balls (PP)

Polypropylene Balls (PP)
Polypropylene Balls (PP)

Polypropylene balls have excellent chemical resistance and low density as well as the highest melting point of the volume thermoplastics. Polypropylene balls also have high tensile strength. Polypropylene balls are an excellent electrical insulator and have low dielectric constant and loss factors. Polypropylene balls are highly resistant to chemicals such as acids, alkalies, alcohols and many inorganic chemicals.

Trade names: HostalenPP, Novolen, Vestolen P, Propathene
Diameter range: 1,588 mm – 90 mm
Grades: I – III
Shore-Hardness: 80 (D)
Density: 0,900 g/cm³
Temperature resistance: 90°C – 130°C
Colours: upon request

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